All Models of NSD powerball come with lifetime warranty. No proof of sales needed!!!

For Warranty Claim, please request here

Our guarantee to you (from NSD Powerball)

When doing business over the web, the guarantee a product offers is very often its lifeline.

After more than twelve years of selling the NSD Powerball world-wide, both through our extensive dealer network and online through our online store, we have seen first-hand its importance in helping you to make a decision to purchase our products.

Neon Blue NSD PowerballYou as our [prospective] customer have arrived to the point where you’ve enjoyed the site, the product looks delicious (you’ve got to admit, these NSD Powerballs look almost good enough to eat), your curiosity has been well aroused and you’re possibly thinking, what the heck, you just might go for it!

At this point therefore, you’ll want to know exactly what kind of warranty is coming with your [prospective] purchase and so, if you are in a hurry, we’re going to give it to you in 3 short and simple points:

I love my powerball and your guarantee is just amazing. It’s obvious you truly believe in your product. Keep up the good work! – Thanks Nick …Nick Kolowski, United States

Your new NSD Powerball is shipped with a lifetime money back guarantee

Your new NSD Powerball is shipped with a lifetime repair or replace warranty

Your new NSD Powerball is supplied with a lifetime free support helpline

Got that?

If you have a moment, please read on and we will further elaborate on each of the points above:

our guarantee to you Lifetime money back guarantee

Purchase one or more of our shiny new NSD Powerballs from this website and if at any time, now or in the future, you decide that this exciting new product doesn’t absolutely live up to each and every one of your expectations (or any of the claims we have made about it) then simply send it right back to us for a full and total refund – no questions asked.

And you can do this a week after you have bought it, 6 months after… 18 months after… or 5 years after… it doesn’t matter. If your NSD Powerball purchase doesn’t thrill you each and every time you pick it up to use it just send it back to us – you don’t need the box, you won’t need to include the instructions or the cord…you don’t need the original wrapper… just send it back and we’ll issue you a full refund, including the original shipping cost.

It’s as simple as that.

Crafted from the finest materials, each component is hand assembled to create a superlative instrument which is incredibly durable and which will greatly exceed your expectations.

All online retail stores should follow the lead of RPM Sports. I have never had such a positive customer service experience like the one I’ve had with RPM. Wonderful support and untouchable guarantee. …Brian McNally, United States

Like all finely balanced products however, your NSD Powerball will be affected if it is dropped onto a hard surface from a height and we therefore try to cushion the blow of such accidents by offering you a lifetime of free replacement parts for your new purchase along with full instructions on how to insert them should the unexpectedoccur.

lifetime repair or replace warranty

250Hz Pro NSD Powerball Along with this, we also will provide a free repair service in the event that you are unable to get your NSD Powerball back to its former glory following an accident – simply post it back to us and we’ll repair or replace the necessary components and send it straight back to you by priority mail – without charge.

Lifetime free support helpline

Wondering about the secret of how to break the 13,000rpm barrier? Got the cord stuck in the ball? Your ball has suddenly developed a funny noise?

When you buy a new NSD Powerball you aren’t just buying a precision instrument – you are also buying into what is almost becoming a cult (did you ever see the Rocky Horror Picture show?).

We are supporting this cult by always being there for you when you need us – if you ever have any how, what or why questions about your new NSD Powerball then either contact us with those questions or ring us here at our helpdesk lines:

  • +353 504 23969
  • +353 504 24007

We are based in Ireland (GMT), are open from 09.00hr – 18.00hr Monday through to Saturday and
will be glad to help where required.

(You could also check out our rapidly expanding Q&A page here – we get many mails each day with regards to NSD Powerball and are slowly converting the questions to the board – chances are your question will already appear in there somewhere!)


The success of our product is linked to your absolute and total enjoyment [of it] and whether you will go on to recommend NSD Powerball and RPM Sports to your friends and colleagues in the end of the day.

We like to think of ourselves as a 100% customer driven organisation who will literally bend over backwards to ensure that you are completely satisfied with both us and the product that we are offering to you. All that we have written above is accurate in terms of what it is we do here each day and we will greatly appreciate your custom should you decide to come onboard and experience the phenomena that is NSD Powerball for yourself [at first hand].

I trust that the above is to your full and complete satisfaction and thank you for your valued consideration of this exciting new product.

Yours sincerely

Rory Signature