I received my powerball about a month ago and already I can tell a huge difference in motocross! My arms can endure far more and im not getting the much dredded arm pump anymore. Helped A LOT!!!”
Jack Dobbie, Clinton

“A few weeks ago I overdid a few squeezes on a set of side cutters when cutting a young lad’s fingers free from a stainless sink grate (I work as a Rescue Firefighter for NZFS), my right hand didn’t like the extra (16x) significant grip strength test. I became aware of this product and website via the appointment I consequently made with Otago Hand TherapyI also work as a massage therapist in my business ‘Massage on the Move’. When working with my massage clients I will certainly be recommending this product to assist with strength training, RSI, and injury recovery.”
Martin Jansen, Dunedin

“I had a look on the website after receiving my Powerball. I watched the hand on the site spinning the ball and matched my movements to it and WOW… I knew it would be amazing when I finally got it, but this was incredible.

I noticed a difference immediately in my wrists which had very bad RSI from being a massage therapist for years. I look forward to having strong wrists again!”
Naya Cunningham, Blenheim

“I bought an NSD Powerball about 6 months ago and I highly recommend it.

I’m under 20 years old, I bought it for the purpose of improving my arm strength for tennis. I have noticed an improvement in general power especially in serves, and general consistency of my game. Along with the improvement of my tennis it has improved other aspects as well. Slowly but surely I am hitting further on the golf range!

I also use the computer quite a bit for school work and Powerball has helped to relieve the wrist pains that have come from lots of typing on computers and texting on phones.

I rate the Powerball product very highly as well as the service I received. Thanks very much guys, great product!”
Scott Ashby, Auckland

“I have been using Powerball for several years now. I recently was involved in coaching the Northern U21 men’s hockey team. Now the team are addicted! They bought them at tournament and are now a firm fixture in the gear bag.

With regards to the benefits, the Powerball simply strengthens the forearms and wrists which are pretty important in our game. The fingers are also strengthened and the coordination is crucial. I have been using one for years now and recently bought a new one in Christchurch as the old one finally gave in! I played top level indoor hockey in the UK and Europe and am currently playing in the NZ National League and the Premier Regional League, so the benefits have kept me playing for many years now. I swear by these things as an aid to improving strength, coordination and simply team bonding and having fun!”
Chris Lee, North Shore City

“I suffered from a nagging repetitive overuse syndrome in my wrist. Each time the pain would start to build up, I would get my Powerball out and do some exercises with it. As a result, that really alleviated the pain… I think Powerball is a very useful product!”
Dynamic Signs & Graphics, Auckland

“Having previously been active with cycling, aerobics and martial arts I have been pretty inactive and out of condition for a while. At age 49 it does not take much to strain my muscles. Much of my day is spent in front of a computer and I experienced RSI or OOS in my right wrist and forearm.

This prompted me to purchase the Powerball and to utilise it as therapy for my arms. The benefits were noticeable very quickly and with long term muscle enhancement it has kept RSI/OOS at bay ever since.”

Brian Gempton, Hamilton

“I just received the Powerball I ordered last week – perfect timing as its a gift for a friend (his birthday today). I hadn’t honestly expected it to arrive until either late this week or next week as I had a confirmation you were on holiday! So kudos on the speedy service!

Well packaged and all as ordered with instruction sheets and all – awesome stuff. If the ball is half as good as the service my mate will be super-impressed!

Thanks again!” – Stu Driver, Christchurch

“At J.Marr Physiotherapy we use Powerball to assist in treating injuries to the wrist, forearm, shoulder and elbow. We have found it to be a very effective means of strengthening muscles in these areas and to develop greater co-ordination. Patients enjoy using Powerball.”

Emma McCosh, Physiotherapist
J.Marr Physiotherapy

“I have been working in the computing industry for 4 years and recently experienced OOS. A colleague introduced me to the Powerball and I couldn’t believe how powerful it was! After several attempts I noticed a significant difference in my wrists and arms. They felt relaxed but stronger; it took the tenseness away dramatically. So.. I purchased my own. I am now tempted to encourage our health and safety coordinator to put these in the budget!” – J. Ewe, Auckland

“It’s easy, fun and addictive, but best of all it cleared up a niggling RSI problem and gave my squash arm a bit more strength. I can’t recommend it enough.”

Allan Swann
Assistant Editor
Tone Magazine

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