Benefit of Powerballs

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Isometric exercise is ruthlessly efficient and will instantly engage almost the entire mass of the muscle being exercised. The faster you spin the harder it works, leaving the arm of even the most highly trained body builder or athlete pumped and ripped in less than one minute flat.


Isometric exercise will typically stress the MUSCLE as opposed to the TENDON (attached to that muscle) and therefore Powerball can be beneficial in helping to strengthen, rehabilitate and train around injuries caused by traditional isometric weight lifting exercises (scar tissue around the elbow joint for example)


Everyone’s fitness goals are different. 98% of women want to keep their arms toned and shapely but don’t want to build lean muscle. Powerball’s unique variable resistance isometric workouts allow women to do exactly that spin slower and longer to give sharp, firm toning of the triceps (“the dreaded bingo wings”), tightening the muscle but without any undesired size/mass gain



“I am a professional musician in a symphony orchestra in Glasgow, Scotland. For a long time I had RSI problems down the front and back of my left forearm (this is the arm that fingers the notes on the instrument) and my arm and wrist were constantly throbbing. As a result of playing viola for a living, I had pain and tiredness from when I woke up in the morning and all throughout the day.I tried many different remedies for my problems; massages, acupuncture, ibuprofen cooling gel, stretches. Nothing really helped. Quite by chance I saw a Powerball advertised online.
Reading through the reviews, what this little gadget claimed it could do sounded too good to be true. But as it was so much cheaper than some of the therapies I had been having, I decided to take a chance and buy one. Within 48hrs of the Powerball arriving, my problems were already getting noticeably better. After a just week the RSI had disappeared entirely. This was after a solid 8 months of problems. All this was back in 2008 – I am delighted to report that my Powerball continues to keep the RSI problem at bay. If I hadn’t discovered Powerball, I’m not sure I would still be playing viola for a living. You can imagine how much this means to me, thank you so much!”

Best wishes, Rik Evans, Glasgow, Scotland


My problem started when I was 15 years old. I was out playing with friends and climbed up a tree – the branch broke and I fell, breaking my left arm at the wrist and metacarpal. After a long period of rehabilitation I regained my mobility, however, the efficiency has always been weaker than the other hand. When I rode a bike or wanted to pick up something heavy, strong pain occurred in the wrist10 years later, at age 25, I bought a motorcycle but couldn’t enjoy the ride because of wrist pain. One evening, while trying to find an online solution to the problem, I discovered Powerball. I decided to buy the 250hz version with counter. After just a few weeks, my arm became noticably stronger and wrist pain while riding the bike reduced considerably. I exercised regularly with the ball and after a few months I am pleased to say that the pain completely stopped and I could finally enjoy the motorbike! Thank you for this wonder!

Wojtek Czaja, Warsaw, Poland


I’m 49 years old and I work in a dialysis clinic, one of my tasks is cleaning and changing the filters patients use to filter their blood and that consists of a lot of accurate wrist movements from left to right and right to left many times. Around 7 years ago after long years of performing the same task I developed a severe tendinitis and a cyst in my right handI had surgery to remove the cyst but after that I couldn’t go back to my job. I went to a lot of doctors for rehabilitation but none of them could help me to get back to work. My son insisted very persistently to try his “plastic ball” – that he had read it’s good for tendinitis. To be honest I was really skeptical about this little ball that glowed blue and was purchased online somewhere in Europe.

One day I thought what can I lose and told my son “teach me how to use it”. Those were the wisest words I’ve said in a long time – I couldn’t let go this little ball. It took me just 4 weeks of using Powerball to get better and return to work. I’ve been using Powerball from that day regularly and I haven’t had tendinitis again. I’m so very grateful and always tell everybody about how I got better.

Thanks for giving me my wrist back, I really appreciate that and hope you like my little story.

Jorge Rizzetto, Buenos Aires, Argentinabuy now


I am a cycling instructor and I travel everywhere by bicycle, so when I broke my wrist in a fall from my bike one wet morning last October, I was pretty devastated. Thankfully, the team of doctors at A&E were able to manipulate my bones back into position without recourse to pins or plates. A friend recommended getting a Powerball although I’d never heard of them until that point. It took a while to get the knack of it, but once I had there was no stopping me.I started with VERY gentle exercise, just small, gentle rotations, for a couple of minutes, and building up strength very gradually – if I overdid it, my wrist was quick to let me know!

Altogether, I was off my bike (and off work) for 5 months. The physiotherapy I was given by the NHS was good but basic and my therapist was delighted with the progress I made, which was mainly down to the Powerball. Even though my wrist is now back to almost full strength, I still use my Powerball, with both hands. I am amazed that something so simple can go from such gentle exercise to begin with, to really powerful exercise as the muscles and tendons start to regain their strength. The problem with most therapeutic exercise is it is repetitive and boring but not with Powerball!
Jim Harwood, Cycling Instructor
Pembrokeshire, Wales


I got tennis elbow from constantly using my laptop and it was a major issue. For a while, it got so bad, I couldn’t even lift a glass of water using my right arm, my elbow would just give way.I started some exercise to help strengthen and rebuild but it was slow and hard going, causing me more injury at times. I got really fed up with the pain and having a useless arm, especially since I am right handed so I went searching online for something better and discovered Powerball and thought, ok, I’ll give this a try.

I used it regularly and it really has given strength back and reduced my pain considerably so I’m delighted with the outcome. From time to time I will get a small twinge in the left arm as though it’s about to go the same way but using Powerball keeps it sorted. It’s all taken only a few weeks so it’s a fantastic result, I suffered for months before this.

Michael Cutler, Bristol, UK


4 years ago, I started a desk job that involved typing and using a mouse all day. Within a few months, my wrists started to feel it pretty bad. I had shooting pain from my wrist to my elbow from repetitive stress. Working a similar desk job, my dad ended up with full-blown tendinitis and had to wear braces on his arm to avoid getting carpal tunnel (CTS) so I knew I needed to do something to avoid similar long-term health issues.After some intense Internet searching, it seemed I could at least hold off a doctor’s visit and more expensive treatment by improving my wrist strength. I bought a Powerball and started using it in my free moments at work. Even with no specific exercise plan, I have found that when I start to feel a little tension in my wrists, a few minutes of using Powerball at low speed helps relieve the discomfort immediately.

I’m now about to enter my 4th year in my desk job and haven’t had any complications from repetitive stress or CTS. I owe the fact that I’m not wearing a brace to my Powerball.

Andrew Howe, Philadelphia, USA


I’m a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist who also enjoys rock climbing. About 7 years ago I fractured my distal radius, as well as damaging the TFCC (or triangular fibrocartilage complex) of my right wrist. After doing some basic rehab on myself, I was able to continue working but would experience fairly regular aching, pain and clicking in my right wrist.This then lead to developing problems in my left wrist as I would tend to over-use that side to take the load off my injured side. While on holidays in New Zealand a year or two later, I visited a rock climbing gym and bought myself a Signature Series Powerball while there.

After the first week of using it, I could notice a definite improvement in how my injured wrist felt. I now regularly use my Powerball to maintain the strength and range-of-motion of both of my wrists and hands.

As a physiotherapist, I can appreciate the way a Powerball targets the imbalances I have developed in my forearm muscles from working and climbing and the fact that I can exercise this with no compression through my wrists is massively beneficial. I use my Powerball three or four times a week and it allows me to work with less discomfort in my predominantly ‘hands-on’ physio practice (a physio’s wrists and thumbs tend to suffer from a lot of wear-and-tear). It also helps my hand strength and endurance for climbing, and I have no doubt that continuing use will allow me to keep working in my job as well as being able to continue climbing for many more years. Cheers,

Brett Winks, Gold Coast, Australia.


I was playing baseball for my college team in Jersey. Bases were loaded and it was obvious that the batter up was going to bunt. So the infield moved in. The pitch was thrown and, as we all knew, the ball was bunted to the pitcher. He ran up to grab it and the pitcher lobbed the ball to me at first base.The problem was he threw it under hand and incredibly weakly. So I hustled up to snatch the ball from the ground and dove to tag first. With my arms extended and the batter clearly out, the next thing I heard was something that still haunts to do this day. It was like tree branches cracking in a hurricane, my arm was broken in half and the batter lay on top of me.

So I was escorted to the hospital and doctors patched me up, also said I would have to undergo therapy. In therapy there were the usual massages and exercises, but there was also one psychical therapist who had a slightly different approach. She handed me a green Powerball and instructed on how to use it.

There were 3 other patients in therapy with similar injuries to mine and I’d say I probably healed 50% quicker. That green Power Ball literally gave me my arm back, one of the greatest inventions I’ve ever invested in. Thank you.

Jay Kshatriya, New Jersey, USAbuy now


When I was 24, I started feeling an acute pain in my right wrist. Until then, only my fingers would go numb from time to time, but suddenly my wrist became very painful when I wanted to exercise, especially when I wanted to do push-ups.In the beginning I used a bandage to help with this problem, but soon I went to the doctor and he told me I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. He told me that I had to undergo surgery, due to the fact that I was getting up sometimes during the night and almost not feeling my fingers of my right arm. I had to massage my fingers to start feeling them, but when I started feeling them, I would also feel a painful tingling until everything was ok.

This was a worry but I didn’t wanted to have surgery, so I started looking for other forms of exercise that could help with my problem. I found about you guys and I purchased a powerball, although doubting it would help much.

Well, after a few months of daily exercising, the numbness in my fingers decreased a lot! There are now almost 3 years since I’m using Powerball (not every day, I admit :D) but the numbness has almost disappeared. I still have some small problems with my wrist, but only if I exercise too much. I recently started climbing and I can tell there is a huge difference. Before Powerball I couldn’t open a bottle of soda with my right hand and now I climb on the wall almost without problems :)) Thank you guys!

Razvan Turcas, Timis, Romania


Two years ago I broke my forearm on a trampoline. I was jumping with my best friend and he made me try jumping front flip. So I tried and I fell on my forearm with all weight of my body. My forearm was broken badly (it was in 45° angle). I’ve been on two surgeries (one where they made my arm straight again and inserted Kirshner wires and other one, where they took the wires out). The fractured bone had damaged nerves in my arm, so I wasn’t able to move with my little finger, ring finger and partially middle finger and I wasn’t able to feel touches with them.I started rehabilitating. I was performing exercises that rehabilitation doctor told me to plus I was exercising with Powerball. At the beginning I found it hard to even hold the Powerball 250Hz in my hand, but I was trying. After some time, I’ve got into it and I was able to spin it pretty fast. Suddenly, I’ve started to get far more control over my fingers, I was able to feel touches again and I was able to type with left hand on keyboard! Now nerves are fully recovered and I’m able to move my fingers and feel touches with them.

Sadly my left hand is still weaker than right/is atrophied, but it isn’t so noticeable as it would be without Powerball and I’m proud I can achieve 10k rpm with my left hand. So thank you for making an awesome product that helps people!

Michal Kováč, Bratislava, Slovakia


For more than 20 years I have had left shoulder pain when using a throwing motion. Have been to the doctor, had a cortisone shot, x-rays, an MRI, Physical Therapy, and given home exercises to do. The diagnosis was bursitis. None of the treatments provided relief, and I was about ready to give up playing softball.Before last season began, I started using my Powerball on a more regular basis and was pleasantly surprised to find the pain reduced significantly. Based on what I’d read, I figured the primary areas where improvement may be seen were the wrist and forearm. However, the shoulder improvement was such that I was able to continue playing. I still don’t really have the arm strength to throw as hard as the younger guys out there but at least the pain is barely noticeable most of the times.

I’m sure if it wasn’t for the benefits of working out with Powerball I would be sitting on the sidelines watching. Thanks again.

Curtis Pederson, Ohio, USAbuy now


“I have had issues with strains and stiffness or pain as a result of trying to keep up with the repetitive nature of the Jujitsu art-form and its related training. Whenever one or both wrists would ‘flare up’ I could be out of training for weeks at a time, meaning I would potentially fall behind my colleagues at our club. My right hand is also particularly weaker than my left hand and in order to train I would need to have it heavily wrapped for support.
We had a couple of new starts in the class, one of whom suggested I should try a Powerball to help improve strength and flexibility in my wrists, so after a bit of thought I decided to give it a try. I can honestly say I have never looked back since purchasing this ingenious little piece of kit, it’s easily the best item I have for building and maintaining stability on my wrists. Within a couple of months of using it, I started to notice less and less need for the supporting straps, and now I have never used them in around 7 months! I have also enclosed a third photograph, which shows me (admittedly a little the worse for wear) having just completed the grading for brown belt. The photograph was taken 30th June 2013 and notably, no more strapping!I am now training towards the coveted black belt and cannot overstate the help my Powerball has given me in overcoming a problem I thought would be with me forever. I will continue to use Powerball for as long as I train, it really is the ultimate.”

Fraser Mcilwraith, West Lothian, Scotland


Hi, my name is Facundo, I’m 26 years old and I practice archery and wakeboard. After a hard year of training I got the chance to compete archery at national level in my country (Argentina). Hearing this news I started an intense training, to perform properly on the competition. I started to feel pain on my wrist which grew worse during my training. I arrived to the archery national semifinals in a lot of pain. I wasn’t going to quit at that point, so I kept going, but I really couldn’t perform at this stage.After the competition I went to my doctor. This training, combined with my passion to wakeboard, had generated a severe tendinitis on my right hand. After months of rehabilitation I tried to get back to archery, I was able to do it, but I wasn’t comfortable at all and had to withdraw a lot of power from my bow, badly affecting my performance. When I try to get back to wakeboarding it was impossible too. A lot of power is hold only by my wrists, especially when I ride only on my right hand.

I was 100% disappointed; the summer season was starting over. I really wanted to get back on my board, when my friend Franco and his PowerBall come into the scene. He provided me with his power ball, he taught my how to use it and he told me “use it every day and you will be OK doing what you like”. Totally skeptical I did as he told me. And after 2 weeks I felt comfortable with my wrist and able to use the PowerBall longer and longer. And then that weekend I try to get back to wakeboard. I made it.

Thank you so much for achieving to me what any Rehab center did not. Thank you for giving me back my two loves.

Juan Facundo Linage, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Hi, my name is Wes and I am 28 years old. I have been playing guitar since I was 15 but had to stop due to my hand going numb. I thought that it might be CTS but I didn’t go to the doctor because I was afraid they would tell me that I needed surgery.I had searched the internet for a solution and came across several things to help with carpal tunnel. I tried many different things and some of them helped but the numbness kept coming back. I started talking to a friend and he told I should try a Powerball. I had never heard of them so I did some research and decided to get the NSD 250hz Powerball model. I wasn’t expecting much but I was willing to try anything so I would be able to play guitar again. It arrived at my house and I started using it immediately.

After the first time using it, I had less numbness in my hands. After a couple days of using it, the numbness was COMPLETELY gone! Not only am I playing guitar again, but I am also learning piano now as well. None of this would be possible if I didn’t have Powerball. It is truly an amazing device and I can not express how thankful I am to have bought one.

Wes Hinds, Oklahoma, USAbuy now