Definition: Powerball is a finely engineered,
high-precision gyroscope consisting of a
rapidly spinning rotor enclosed in a solid
[hand held] outer sphere.

You set this ‘engine’ in motion using a cord, or with a quick flick of your finger, and then build its speed by subtle rotation of the wrist – Powerball contains no motor or batteries; all of its speed and energy comes from your arm, wrist and hand and, the stronger those wrists and forearms are, the faster you’ll be able to make your Powerball spin.

And the faster you spin that inner ‘engine’ the more inertial resistance it generates and the more force it subsequently inflicts upon your fingers, hands, wrists, arms and shoulders as it ‘fights’ back against your efforts, ultimately making your wrists and arms even stronger in the process

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A formula one engine. Inside a tennis ball

At the heart of your Powerball there beats a rotor that has been so precisely balanced using advanced computerised technology that it can reach speeds in excess of 15,000rpm without even the slightest vibration – at which point it is generating up to a staggering 35lbs of inertial resistance and hitting your arm and wrist with a workout of monumental proportions
Powerball Formula 1Powerball Formula 1 Shaddow
In fact, the fastest Powerball model can clock speeds well in excess of 21,000rpm (over 350 revolutions per second!) all powered simply by your hand – which, btw, is faster than the F1 engine powering your favourite Ferrari around the track at Monza and makes Powerball the fastest “human” powered device on the planet – ever!


it’s alive inside!

Can you even begin to imagine the sensation of what it’s like to hold onto something as small as a tennis ball that has a perfectly balanced rotor engine screaming inside at 21,000rpm?

Something that is thrashing…jerking…kicking and fighting furiously against your efforts to control it?

That fast spinning rotor is under the direct influence of a scientific effect known as gyroscopic precession which grants onto your Powerball an almost magical sensation that makes it feel truly alive inside and will definitely make you go ‘WOW!’ the first time a live ball is placed into your un-suspecting palm.

Powerball 1
                               Powerball 2                                 Powerball 3

A Banks Twin Turbo should do the trick nicely…

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Powerball - Purple Haze

Exactly how much feeling can motion have?

It’s virtually impossible for any image or text to fully capture that unique feeling of holding a Powerball for the first time.

You simply won’t believe that something so small, something so….pretty…can create such an extraordinary sensation in your hand – that it can feel so silky, creamy smooth, yet can generate such shocking power, vibrant colour and raw speed for its size. Spin it up to 6000rpm….feel those delicious gyroscopic forces envelop your hand, feel the ball purr as the rotor starts to leviate inside, a variety of soothing, pleasurable sensations working almost in tandem with each muscle and ligament in the entire arm.

Increase your effort…run it quickly up…9000…10,000…12,000rpm on the clock, arm working hard now, wrist struggling to keep pace, powerful inertial forces acting all over your arm, wrist, hand, fingers – you’re wondering how could it be, how can this small sphere be fighting against you so hard, bordering almost on the surreal..

Pocket Gym

Yet that’s exactly what gyroscopic interial resistance – another scientific property – allows Powerball to do and why something which weighs just 250grams can manage to kick out up to 35lbs of pure naked resistance against the muscles and tendons in your arms, wrists, hands and fingers.

Millions of people around the world now own Powerball and understand at first hand why it is the perfect Pocket Gym, a product capable of emmiting 5lb of resistance just as quickly as it can 35lbs (and which actually will fit into your pocket).

Sports? Fitness? Rehabilitation?

Powerball exercises the arm and wrist in a fun and exciting way that is entirely different to the methods used in conventional free weight workouts. When spinning Powerball, your wrist is taken through the full range of its motion as resistance is uniformly applied; you control exactly how much force it exerts by regulating the spin speed, thereby allowing it be used by a person recovering from a broken wrist just as easily as it can by someone looking to build massive forearm or grip strength.

And because it’s 100% non-impact, Powerball is also as much at home rehabilitating RSI or Carpal Tunnel injury as it is helping golfers and tennis players add yards to their drives and power to their serves or musicians to add strength and dexterity to their digits.

Ben Pressley, UK – second fastest Powerballer in the world
uses dual 350Hz Metals to warm up before his weight sessions

..or pure addictive FUN!

Add a digital speed meter to the top of one of these fast spinning Powerballs and you’ll bring it to a whole new dimension. Who says exercise can’t be fun? That ‘urge’ is always there…your arm might be ready to drop off with lactic acid burn following a 5 minute spin session but you’re in “hot mode” and maybe just 10rpms away from setting a new personal high speed record (or, better yet, securing a Top 100 slot on theWorld Record Scoreboard) and you just know you can do it…or there’s the awkward moment where your best friend has just exceeded your own personal best by 140rpms and that’s just not on (worse still, he’s the one with chicken wrists..) and so you just go for it!

With Powerball, it’s always fun and the challenge is always on – against yourself, against your friends, or against the rest of the world; building hands, wrists and forearms of steel the faster you spin. Easy to pick up, but impossible to put down again, Powerball really does blur the line between fun and fitness.

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